【Positioning】:Tank Finisher


【Positioning】:Mass Healer AoE Damage


【Positioning】:Assassin Controller


【Positioning】:Supporter Bewitcher


【Positioning】:Negaheal Sniper

  • Bai Qian
  • Yehua
  • Susu
  • Mo Yuan
  • Feng Jiu
  • Eastern Emperor
  • Li Jing
  • Si Yin
  • Xuan Nu
  • Su Jin
  • Sky Emperor
  • Qing Cang
  • Die Feng
  • Zi Lan
  • Ling Yu
  • Ridge Sprite
  • Treant
  • Frog Familiar
  • Fox Sprite
  • Plume Clanswoman
  • Plume Shaman
  • Plume Elder
  • Plume Guardian
  • Plume Fang
  • Shark Warrior
  • Shark Elite
  • Shark Witch
  • Shark Warchief
  • Aquatilia Guardian
  • Aquatilia Maiden
  • Primordial Turtle
  • Sky General
  • Sky Soldier
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1. Each phone number can only be used to pre-register once.

2. When the number of pre-registered players reach the specified milestones, everyone will receive corresponding rewards within 14 days after OB starts!

3. Pre-registration Rewards

100,000 Pre-registration: Peach Blossom Wine x5

200,000 Pre-registration:Lv.3 Gem Chest x1

300,000 Pre-registration: Bound Ingot x200

500,000 Pre-registration: Legendary Fortune Bag x3

1,000,000 Pre-registration: Dumbo Back Accessory

4. The company reserved all right to change and terminate the event, for any adjustment please constantly pay attention to our Fanpage.

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